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Dora Deliyska & Daniel Hope, Europe@Home

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Alles Walzer, einmal anders!

With her most recent release, “Alles Walzer, einmal anders!”, Dora Deliyska enables her listeners to experience the Viennese waltz in an altogether different way. The pianist constructs complexities on the basic structure of this dance and shows the waltz in its myriad of facets: From Viennese-elegant to modern, virtuosic, orchestral; even impressionist. A Viennese newspaper named the CD as one of Austria’s Top 10 cultural events in 2020.

études & préludes

There are several important piano cycles that consist of 24 pieces. Composers have always liked drawing on this straightforward structure. So does Dora Deliyska – and combines and juxtaposes twelve Etudes and twelve Preludes by composers Frédéric Chopin, Claude Debussy, György Ligeti, and Nikolai Kapustin. The first part is made up of twelve hand-picked Etudes that are arranged by interval, going from a second all the way to the octave, intensifying emotionally with each step. The twelve Preludes of the second part mirror the first half and bring into balance the recital program which – greater than the sum of its 24 individual parts – could be seen as an artwork in and of itself.


The idea of the whole being more than the sum of its parts is made tangible by Dora Deliyska’s B-A-C-H Project. The Viennese-trained, Bulgarian-born pianist manages to combine excerpts from Bach’s WellTempered Clavier with corresponding selections from Shostakovich’s Preludes and Fugues op.87 and Chopin Etudes in such a way that the collection becomes an artwork itself.

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Dora Deliyska

Artist’s biography

In recent years, Dora Deliyska has established herself not only as one of the leading, but also most versatile and interesting pianists of the present day. Her self-developed artistic projects have their own dramaturgy and cast a new and unique perspective on piano literature and the art of interpretation.

Through years of concert performances as well as audio and video recordings, Dora Deliyska has garnered international critical and audience acclaim. Her extensive repertoire ranges from Bach to Ligeti. She creates a connection between sensitive piano interpretation, precise virtuosity and well-founded musicological debate.


Dora Deliyska is a Bösendorfer Artist.



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